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Major Twist! Chandra Nandini 20th July 2017 Today Episode Written Updates

Major Twist! Chandra Nandini 20th July 2017 Today Episode Written Updates :- The upcoming crux of the TV series Chandra Nandini is yet to display that Nandini went for the Kalash Pooja against Rajmata which is surely irked the Rajmata. In the last night episode of the TV series Chandra Nandini, it has been shown that Nandini wakes up in the morning to see that Chandra staring at her.

Suddenly she realizes that it is morning as well as she is being late for the Puja. She asked Chandra that he was staring at her but did not wake her up for the Puja and she also get ready for the Puja.

Chandra Nandini 20th July 2017 Written Updates

Chandra asks her if she is scared as they will have to cross jungle towards the temple and Nandini said regarding this that she is the daughter of Magadh and is brave enough. Chandra tries to scare her some more and says that there are many wild animals which are man eaters. Nandini tells Chandra that she is fearless so she will be performing her all duties being fearless.

Chandra asks Nandini to take a few soldiers alongside her but she refuses and says that she will complete the Puja without taking any help. Nandini talks to Malti and tells her that she is scared to leave Bindusara alone in the palace. She says that she knows that Chandra will be present with him but the presence of Malayketu scares her more. Malti makes sure this that Nandini will be taken care of Bindusaaar in this Puja ceremony.

Chandra talks to his brother and tells him that Nandini is angry with him. His brother suggests that he can change her mood by giving her flowers. He tells Chandra that he should bring some flowers for Nandini and also he decided to propose Nandini. Chloe comes and takes away the flowers which were meant for Nandini. She takes them to Helena and tells her that these are Chandra’s favorite flowers and she should make ornaments and Nandini also decided to wear the same.

Helena became to angry to see Chandra’s closeness with Nandini and Apama comes and starts to laugh at Helena’s silly mistake and she said these flowers will be giving the headache to Nandini.

Chandra goes to meet Nandini and tells her that there is one thing still missing in her preparations. He tells Nandini that he is really impressed to see her contribution toward Magadh and also gives her a gift which is ornaments made with beautiful flowers and asks her to wear them all. He asks Nandini if he could make her wear the ornaments with his own hands.

Nandini gets ready and meets everyone in the court room. The priest announces that the queen of Magadh will be required to perform this pooja for the well being of the kingdom. He says that for the pooja to be successful she will have to stay without food and water and also priests asked to her that she will have to walk barefoot to bring the holy water of Ganga from across the jungle. When he says that he needs to hand over the holy pot to the queen, Nandini comes forward and she will do the pooja and also she will bring the water.

Rajmata gets upset after realizing that Nandini decided to perform the pooja against her will. She thinks that she clearly mentioned it in the letter that she wants Helena to perform the pooja. Helena and Apama rejoice as their plan works as per their wish. Apama tells Helena that Nandi forest.

After Nandini leaves for the Jungle Rajmata calls Helena and asks her why she gave the right of doing the Pooja to Nandini. Rajmata tells Helena that she wanted her to perform the pooja as it was mentioned in the latter but Helena looks disappointing with the same.

She says that there is a possibility that Chandra took the letter from the dasi and made sure that it never reached her. She plants a doubt in Rajmata’s mind and says that he was supporting Nandini in keeping Malayketu out of the kingdom and Helena said she won’t leave rajmata if she will be supported Nandini indirectly way.

Rajmata decides to meet Chandra and know if he manipulated anything. When she goes to meet Chandra, she doesn’t find him in his room. She goes over to Chanakya to ask for Chanakya and also she said that she will not speak the reason to him anyway.

When Rajmata insists, Chanakya tells her that Chandra has gone to the jungle with Nandini also make sure she will do the puja properly and successfully.

Meanwhile, in the jungle, Chandra keeps a keen eye on Nandini at every step. But the person who was given the task to kill Nandini brings a snake with him and plants it in Nandini’s way. Chandra notices the snake slithering behind Nandini.

Meanwhile, in the Palace Pandukrat waits for the moment when Malti will leave Bindusara alone. He thinks that today both Chandra and Nandini are away from their son and also decided at the right time the son will be killed.

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