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#KTPK Kasam 14th August 2017 Today Episode Written Updates! Tanu is shocked

#KTPK Kasam 14th August 2017 Today Episode Written Updates! Tanu is shocked :- COLORS TV most important winning program, “Kasam” looks like a lovely interesting show, which gives the expanded voltage potential that extends to the Kasam supporters.

Kasam 14th August 2017 Written Update

The latest episode started with, Tanuja, Abhi, Rishi and children have come to eatery for supper, kids have gone to play range. Abhi orders espresso however Tanu says no you are having frozen yogurt so you cannot have espresso. Rishi says is this Abhi kid as well? no one beverages espresso after frozen yogurt, Abhi says whats your concern?

Rishi says you, you are acting like a child, Abhi says I was in regards to beat you in bout, Rishi says we can have another match to choose, Tanu says no more battles. Rishi says then we will have auto hustling, Tanu says what? no? Abhi says yes, we will go at the present time, Tanu says no listen bit Rishi and Abhi bargains, Abhi says we will go now, he clears out. Tanu says what Rishi needs? Tanu turns and sees Rishi there, she says arent you going

to dashing? he will win, Rishi says I needed him to go, I know you will state that you are hitched and have a child, however, please overlook it, please for at some point, please dont say anything, please. Tanu looks on. Rishi holds her hand, she astonished. Rishi makes her take a seat and sits infront of her, Tanu evades eye to eye connection, rishi appreciates her.

Tanu takes a gander at him grinning at her, Rishi grins, she indicates what is it? he shakes his head. Tanu reviews Rishi revealing to her that he will hold up till she doesn’t rebound to him, she saw Naitra in bed with Rishi, she gets mournful. Rishi offers her hanky, she reluctantly takes it and wipes her tears. Rishi feels awful and gets heartbroken as well.

Hawaien plays. Tanu offer him the hanky, he is shocked however takes it and expresses gratitude toward her. Rishi says put is pleasant, he tries to stealthily wipe his tears. Children come there, Tanya says I got the seat, Natasha sits in Rishi’s lap and says I will sit in his lap, he says why not, he begins conversing with her animatedly, Tanu gets enthusiastic seeing father little girl together, he pardons herself.

Naitra comes in record room and says where will I discover Natasha’s document? there are such a large number of documents here, I cannot switch on light as at that point watch will know I am here. She switches on versatile blaze and begin looking documents.

Rishi is playing with kids when Tanu returns. Natasha brings photograph with Tanya and Tanu. Picture taker says something is absent in photograph. Rishi comes and sits next to Tanu, he says is it great at this point? picture taker says yes, Rishi puts hand on Tanu’s shoulder and he takes their photograph. Rishi takes a gander at photograph and says its ideal photograph, look Tanu? Tanu frowns at him.

Naitra glances around in record room, she discovers Tanya’s document and says Natasha’s record must be here as well. Gatekeepers are outside record room. One protects sees light originating from record room, he asks who is inside? Naitra takes cover behind rack before watches come in, protects glance around however Naitra escapes them.

she imagines that in the event that they get them at that point Tanya’s picture will be discolored. Naitra sees Natasha’s document on the table, she takes it and covers up. Protect says I saw somebody, Naitra flees before they can get her, watches keep running behind her, however, Naitra takes the record and goes to her auto, she begins auto yet it’s not beginning. Watchmen come behind auto yet auto begins and Naitra heads out.

Abhi comes to lodging again and says how did Rishi rebound so quick? Tanu says he didnt go anyplace, he came back in minutes, Abhi says yet there was so much movement. Rishi says I didnt request that you go up until this point, I won. Tanya says you are ideal. Abhi says you swindled, you didnt let me know till far we need to go.

Rishi says you didnt inquire as to whether you believe that I deceived then fine you won however.. he takes a gander at Tanu and says I may have lost race yet I won numerous things today, he leaves with Tanya. Abhi says this man is frantic. Rishi comes behind Abhi and demonstrates his photo with Tanu and children to Tanu, he indicates it off to her, she scowls at him, he grins and takes off.

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