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Fire annihilates segment of grand wetland spot

A substantial forest range in Nam Sang Wai wetland in northern Yuen Long, which is situated inside an arranged advancement zone, was determined to flame two days back, an administrator says.

Fire annihilates segment of grand wetland spot
Fire annihilates segment of grand wetland spot

The territory pulverized – about the extent of a football pitch – is near a standout amongst the most prominent spots for photography in the wetland, with a perspective of an extension and the “tree of life.” The trail of grass and weeds at the scene was singed to dark fiery debris, leaving a solid scent noticeable all around.

Official Roy Kwong Chun-yu trusts that somebody lit the fire intentionally. “There is no chance to get for the fire to happen actually in winter close to the wetland,” he said. “What’s more, it’s appropriate before the due date of the advancement plan’s discussion.”

The blazed territory is situated at the center part of an advancement arrange drawn by the site’s proprietor, Nam Sang Wai Development. It expects to assemble 28 private flat pieces and 140 places of four to 26 stories in the territory of more than 300,000 square meters.

The designer presented an application in 1992 on creating Nam Sang Wai to the Town Planning Board, which rejected it, and also a changed application submitted in November 2010. The engineer then asked for an audit of the arrangement a few circumstances yet without any result.

The present audit was asked for a month ago and people in general meeting period will end on December 30.

The organization couldn’t be gone after remark yesterday.

Police got a report of hints of smoldered prairie on Nam Sang Wai and are following up, a representative said.

Kwong said that the fire could have brought on huge pulverization to the most famous spot of Nam Sang Wai.

“Clearly the illegal conflagrationist means to “execute” the biological region, trying to bring down the natural estimation of the earth and encourage the endorsement of the advancement arrange,” he said.

“The place is exceptionally unwinding and delightful It is a pity that piece of it is burned to the ground,” a guest to the range, Beatrice Chui, said, adding it is essential to monitor the region. “There is no good reason for give up the privilege of Hong Kong nationals to appreciate the scene and the recreational place to profit minority of individuals.”

In 2010, a fire broke out two weeks before an improvement arrange due date in the territory and torched more than 30 trees.

He encouraged residents to restrict the improvement arrange before the conference due date.

Close to the blazed zone, two trees were discovered cut out as of late. In April this year, 19 trees were discovered chopped down in the arranged advancement territory. The designer just let it be known cut one of them.

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